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Working with recertifed units means we can offer the best of all brands. We carry several popular brands that you can choose from, with features that suite your needs.

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Why Buy Refurbished?

Digital radiology is a necessary part of properly diagnosing your patients and helps dentist create treatment plans. Practices with in-house radiology can complete more treatments, increase patient satisfaction, and increase revenue, but these advanced units require a large investment. Capital Dental Equipment helps you get the equipment you need to build your practice while offering affordable and reliable recertified units. All of our equipment comes with a warranty, free shipping, and free installation.

Our Manufacturer Rating


Our technictians inspect and recertify each unit to insure that each unit is returned back to a like new contdition. Here are the steps taken to insure a quality product.



-A complete visual inspection is performed on all equipment to insure high performance and device integrity.
-All mounting points of the frame and hardware are analyzed to verify mounting security and ensure safety.
-Moving parts such as guides and motor screws or belts are cleaned, properly tensioned and lubricated to ensure longevity and consistency.



-Equipment electrical safety is a set at a high priority for all of our Refurbished technicians.
-Equipment wiring for hardwired or AC plugs is always checked for proper grounding resistance and connections to the main power supply of the unit.
-Equipment power specifications are compared to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications for voltage fluctuations under full load x-ray acquisition, measuring AC input voltage drops and peak current use



-Calibrations are always performed from procedures published by the original equipment manufacturer.
-Voltages, frequencies and currents are measured and calibrated by high performance state of the art calibrated test equipment and compared to manufacturer’s specifications.
-Calibrations of x-ray emissions time and power parameters are double checked with the latest dose measuring technology reporting accurate levels for state agency requirements.



-Upon receiving a device, all system covers, key panels and accessories are evaluated for any type of deficiency from their original state.
-X-ray covers, Display Panels or Upholstery that show signs of wear are either professional restored to perfection or replaced with OEM parts.
-Our units are cleaned and disinfected using a high intensity liquid sterilization solution before

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How we can help.

Recertifed Sales

Whether part of a corporate buyback or from independent dentists, we sell only recertified and reliable units. With a recertified unit, you get the equipment you need at a fraction of the price. We also have several financing options available to suite your needs.


We purchase used equipment at fair value. It’s easy to get an offer from our account representatives and we take the hassle of finding a buyer. Let us evaluate your unit for purchase or offer you credit towards a new upgrade.


Thinking about getting a new unit but don’t know what to do with your old equipment? We will evaluate your current equipment and offer you credit towards one of our newer models or an advanced unit. We take care of the uninstall, shipping, and installing of the new unit.

New Camers, Sensors, & Portable X-Ray Units

We also offer brand new Intraoral cameras and Sensors with warrenty. Increase your patient accaptance with our new line of interoral camers and HD sensors, providing the best images available.


Setting up your new unit is a snap with our experienced technicians. We go to your practice and install your new equipment in just a few hours. Our thorough staff make sure that your examination room is ready for operation and will train your staff to use your newest investment.

EPE Certificate

Your state requires you to have an EPE Certificate. Avoid fines and make sure your equipment is up to standard.

What our clients say

As a returning customer, I can attest to their impeccable product quality and top-notch customer experience

- Dr. Jeannotte - Nu-Smile Orthodontics

The entire process from the start to finish was a great, and the quality digital panorex unbelievable. I have been a practicing dentistry since August 1997 and I have opened multiple dental offices and purchased a lot of equipment. The entire team at Capital Dental Equipment was the best group of individuals I ever had the pleasure of working with.

- Dr. Gaurav A. Patel - Amedcoa Dental Center

Their service and installation is fantastic. I could always reach them when I had a question or needed help, but within the past 10 months of owning the CT, I haven't had to contact them at all. Everything is running great.

- Dr. Kimberly Caldwell - Nature’s Gate Dentistry

Our Mission

Our Passion: Providing high-quality, digital x-ray solutions for the modern practice. Capital Dental Equipment was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide modern dental professionals, high quality refurbished and recertified digital radiography equipment at a price that most practices can afford. Refurbished systems are available at a fraction of their original price. By dramatically reducing the initial cost, dentists can realize a larger and faster return on their investment. Many dentists choose to sell their existing system and simultaneously purchase a refurbished system. The result is a smooth transition between old and new, improved clinical results, and an outstanding return on investment. Our technicians are trained extensively. In most cases, they are trained directly at the manufacturer facility. Meaning our digital x-ray systems will carry either a manufacturer warranty, or the Capital Dental Equipment Refurbished warranty that meets the same specifications.

Team members

John Babineau, D.M.D

Chief Dental Officer

Andrew Sousa

Division Director

Linda Bell

Account Representative

Elliott Byrd

Account Representative

Ashley Carre

Logistics Coordinator

Doug Caceres


Brett Russell


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