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How to Set a Fully Customized FOV w/ Rayscan CBCT

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Ray America

All of our Ray equipment comes with a 10-year warranty!

Scan any image in less than 10 Seconds

Scan your patients faster than ever before with 66% faster scans.  Lower the dosage with fast scan mode to only 22.9 µSV.

3D Alpha Plus (Fast scan mode): 9.9 seconds
scan: 4.9 seconds
reconstruction: 4 second

The future is RAYSCAN Studio

A unique unit that integrates CBCT, 3D Face and CT impression (intraoral data) scan into one effective and predictable treatment plan. The data scanned from the CBCT can be transferred to a 3D printing system for rapid production of dental appliances in your clinic

More detail, more confidence

Get clearer and more detailed images for accurate readings and better diagnoses.  See more detail using high-resolution CT Images.

70μm resolution @ 4x3cm


Frequently Asked Questions

Rayscan has multiple fields of view to choose from amongst different CBCT units. There is a 10×10 FOV units that is economical. In the Alpha + line you have the ability to fully customize your FOV from 4×3 cm to either 8×8, 12×10 or 16×10.  Just scan the only area you need and minimize the x-ray radiation dose with the blue light positioning feature. For those practices that need a larger field of view, there is a 20×20 FOV option. This unit is upgradable to the 3D Facial Scan modality. Ray America’s units offer up to 5 modalities including object scanning, panoramic, cephalometric, CBCT, and 3D Face Scan.

The Rayscan Alpha initially configured as a 2D Pano only or Pano/Ceph can be easily upgraded to a 3D CBCT unit or  3D CBCT with Ceph.  With imaging products from Ray America, you can custom build your unit to include as many features as you need today knowing that if your imaging needs change you can later add or upgrade as your practice grows. 

When your unit is connected to an internet source, the monitoring software runs diagnostics regularly and alerts you of any potential issues.  This system also automatically runs updates so you always have the most recent software.

The RAYSCAN is designed with cutting edge detectors and
pulsed X-ray technology. Various 2D panoramic modes provide
the relevant clinical data you need to make accurate diagnoses.
Proprietary CBCT reconstruction, Adaptive Moving Focus, and
noise reduction technologies provide high quality images at
optimized radiation exposure. Finally, when you need a verification 3D scan or a post-operative 3D scan, the Fast Scan mode will be able to produce a full scan in less than 5 seconds with comparable exposure of a panoramic image.

Cutting edge cephalometric imaging technology results
in fast scan times for orthodontic procedures.

  • 4 second cephalometric scans
    reduce dose by over 80%
  • Quick Scan mode is 4.9 seconds with a 4 second 3D reconstruction
  • 16 Cm FOV in 6 seconds

ATCT (Adaptive Tube Cooling Time)
– Continuous acquisition without forced cooling prevents image downgrading
Auto Alignment
– All alignment components are automatically re-positioned
Minimized preparation time
– Provides psychological stability of the patient, reducing moving artifact of images
Wireless Remote Control
– Easy positioning system

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