The Value in Used

We’ve heard it before: Don’t buy a new car, it loses value the moment it drives off the lot. This is true for a lot of large business purchases and many starting dental offices have a limited budget to get the equipment they need to treat patients. It’s a vicious cycle of need vs cost, but it doesn’t have to be.In our lives, we have to make a lot of decisions when it comes to purchasing. Those purchase carry more weight when they are for our own business. Should I spend or should I save? What is the cost-benefit? Is there a better way to get what I need? These are all questions that go through the mind of a purchaser and it’s hard to zero in on an answer. There are some great articles online about what to buy new and what to buy used but some used purchase can save you a great deal of money without sacrificing quality. 

Value of Used Dental Equipment

Let’s say you have new practice and you have seen a decline in appointments due to a new office in the area. You learn that people are going there for standard treatment because they can also get implants done in-office. You run to the internet and ask your friend Google for new CBCT equipment and boom, sticker shock! New 3D imaging machines can cost more than your car, you know that used car you were smart enough to buy. But then you see it, a small add at the top of your search list. Save 40% off CBCT Dental X-Ray Units, what genius wrote that you may wonder. Shamelessly, I can tell you that I did and that Capital Dental Equipment is in the business of helping dentists afford the equipment they need. 

We purchase units from dentists, recertify them, and even do cosmetic touch-ups, all to make them good as new. The used dental equipment provides great value. These units are marked way below the new MSRP and produce high-quality images just like one out of the crate. To even make the deal easier, we have a network of lenders who will finance your discounted purchase for as low as 4%, that is less than most car loan rates. 

Our staff work with a large inventory and several name brands. They are also well trained and can help you decide on what unit works best for your practice needs. We have a revolving inventory, so let us know how we can help by clicking the button below for a quick survey. We will get back to you with no obligation but so much information on how you can improve your practice.

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