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About Sota Imaging

At SOTA Imaging, we’ve used over 30 years of experience in the industry to bring you the most cutting-edge dental imaging products on the market. Between the most advanced imaging sensors and durable, sleek designs, you know you’ll be getting the highest quality products available and staying ahead of the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Product Features

Superior Image Quality

Clio Prime delivers consistently exceptional diagnostic images.

Fewer Retakes

No matter the source, EveryShot effectively eliminates under- and overexposure, saving you from time-consuming retakes.

Consistent Images with Any X-Ray Source

EveryShot gives you the best of sensor technology—a fiber optic design for low visual noise, CMOS technology for ultra detailed images, and advanced dynamic range for optimal contrast across the radiation spectrum.

Cilo Prime By Sota Imaging

ComfyCorner Design

Clio Prime’s design is made for effortless positioning throughout an FMX. Clipped corners and beveled edges are anatomically aligned to the oral cavity, making any x-ray orientation effortless. We didn’t stop there. Using the same spirit of innovation, we designed Clio Pedo, the perfect sized sensor for pediatric patients.

Verified By A Battery of Tests


Compression Resistant, Cable Strain Validated, Impact Tolerant


Extended X-Ray, Lifecycle Replaceable Cable


IP68 Dust and Water Resistant Cleaning Chemical Resistant

Shoot With Any Source

Capital Dental Equipment

Capital Dental Equipment Offers a Full Array of Products Designed to Complement / Improve Your Diagnostic Excellence and Patient Outcomes


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