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RAYSCAN Studio is the outcome of our challenges for decades. It is created with the power to scan and manage all patient information for diagnostics and treatments in dental clinics for the upcoming digital dentistry. The new CBCT will give not only the fundamental insight into the patients’ diagnosis by creating 3D Virtual Patient but also tools for predictable, safe and patient-friendly treatment planning. Once you have your own 3D Virtual Patient, there is no limit in full digital analysis. Features & Benefits: CBCT: Max 20 x 20 FOV Light-Guided FOV


5-in-1 The RAYSCAN α is designed with cutting-edge detectors and pulsed X-ray technology. This unit integrates CBCT, 3D FACE, and CT impression scans into 1 perfect piece for an effective and predictable treatment planning and production of pre-planned dental appliances. The data from CBCT cab be transferred to a 3D printing system for rapid production of dental and oral surgery appliances. Various 2D panoramic modes provide the relevant clinical data you need to make accurate diagnoses.

Rayscan utilizes Adaptive Moving Focus technology to configure the panoramic image layer and optimize the signal; to noise ratio to produce high-quality images. The only manufacturer with wireless remote control for positioning. ATCT (Adaptive Tube Cooling Time) – continuous acquisition without forced cooling prevents image downgrading (ideal for that very busy practice). The high-performance Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) detector allows for the capture of excellent pan images at reduced radiation doses. 1-shot and scanning ceph is an option. Short exposure times reduce the risk of retakes associated with patient movement. Fully customizable from 4X3 to Max 20 x 20 FOV Light-Guided FOV. 

CT impression scan – break-through innovation in digitizing patients’ dentition without the need for any additional optical scanning devices. Provides crystal clear STL output. Digital patient plaster. CT scan directly digitizes your impressions without angular errors and a full-arch scan.

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Chiropractic, Endodontics, ENT, General Dental, Implantology, Lab, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics


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