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Capital Dental Equipment is here to assist with your Dental Practice’s EPE Certification. 

Pricing for Services

25% Discount applied to each additional unit on-site.
Mileage charges for locations over 50 miles from our Cedar Park, TX location at $60.00/hour

EPE Certification

The Equipment Performance Evaluation (EPE) is required by the state of Texas and most other states on a periodic basis. The purpose of the EPE is to ensure that your x-ray machine is not causing unnecessary radiation to the general public and the technician operators. Enforcement actions for non-compliance can be severe and in some cases, may lead to revocation of the right to utilize x-ray equipment in the facility. In the state of Texas, licensed service companies like Capital Dental Equipment #R37507, may perform the EPE procedure according to the following stated intervals: Dental offices are required to get EPE testing once every for years. In some cases, once every 14 months depending on what type of machine it is.

EPE Request Form

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