Introducing Ray America

Capital Dental Equipment is Very Excited To Carry The Full Line of Ray America Products.

Today, many dental patients are accustomed to digital images taken in the dental office. They’re not only familiar with these methods – but also, they’ve come to expect it as a standard of care in radiography. With digital imaging, you not only enjoy the benefits of instantaneous radiographs, you also get a clearer image. Higher resolution images help lead to early detection of conditions, helping dentists produce a comprehensive diagnosis. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to increase patient safety by reducing radiation exposure by up to 80 percent when compared to traditional film-based systems.

Capital Dental Equipment is very excited to now be able to offer the full line of Ray America Products. If Ray America sounds unfamiliar, then I am sure that you have heard of Samsung, who was the parent company until Ray America spun off into its dental imaging company. Ray is now in 14 countries with the USA being the latest market. 

From the Alpha model to the newest and most technologically advanced model called Rayscan Studio, Ray uses a one base machine that can be equipped with the options that suit the needs of your practice.  Important features are packed into these machines such as adaptive moving focus for ultra-sharp panoramic images with little to no overlaps of contacts.  Another useful feature found on the Alpha Plus model is a visible blue light that acts as a guide for the actual location on the patient that is being scanned. This guide and the field of view (FOV) can be adjusted from small FOV to large FOV and all sizes in between.  Alpha Plus also has a 70 um focused field of view along with a fast scan mode of 4.9 seconds. This lower resolution full scan uses only 22.9 micro sieverts (less radiation than a pano) to produce the scan. Two options on ceph images are a one shot ceph attachment or a scanning ceph attachment.

Going beyond CBCT, Ray America has introduced their flagship model, the Rayscan Studio that can integrate an intraoral scan, photographic scan and CBCT all managed in the R2K software.

Included with all of the models of the Ray machines, at no cost, is a 24/7 monitoring service that interfaces with the on-board diagnostic system that will detect an error, if there is one picked up by the software, and notify the Ray monitoring service.

The Ray America family of imaging machines is perfect for any practice who is ready to add or upgrade into all levels CBCT imaging.  Allowing practices to do all 5 types of cases, evaluating pathology, surgical planning, TMJ evaluations, complex restorative cases and airway assessments.

For more information or to learn how your practice can benefit from a new unit, click the button below to schedule a personal consultation with our sales team.

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