BrandMax Dental Instrument Sterilizer

Improve infection prevention and prolong your instrument's life

Tri-Clean by BrandMax Ultrasonic Dental Cleaners

Capital Dental Equipment Partnered with Tri-Clean ultrasonic cleaners by BrandMax to provide superior cleaning power which results in cleaner instruments. All Tri-Clean ultrasonic units come standard with heating elements, a cycle time controller, and stainless steel basket, there is no need to pay extra for these valuable options when we provide them for free!

Product Features

Digital Timer

Control time for worry free cleaning cycles

Heating Element Included

Expensive option included for free!

Stainless Steel

Scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean

Discover Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner For Modern Practice

When it comes to sterilizing dental equipment, you want something that gets the job done well, is built to last, and can be counted on in your practice. At Capital Dental Equipment, we’ve been providing dental professionals with the latest technology since 2010. We are partners with Tri-Clean ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer BrandMax to bring even more value and reliability to you.

3 Basic Steps For Dental Instrument Cleaning

Instrument Pre-soak

Prevent bio-burden from hardening which makes the instruments difficult to clean, and causes damage to instruments.


Purpose of this step is to clean the entire surface area of instrument to ensure an effective sterilization.

Prep for Sterilization

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Countertop Ultrasonic Cleaners

Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaners

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